The Cassopolis United Methodist Church (CUMC) continues to commemorate its 185th Anniversary. Throughout the month of July, each Sunday in August features a guest musician and a time for members and guests to share personal stories of the impact of the church on their lives.

The featured August musicians are Trudy Diamond, Ben Ngoma, Jeremy Panse and Madaline Schrock. The July musicians were Jonathan Clough, Carmalita Lawson, Jane Poe, Ryne Nickel, and Vicki Follett.

Choosing to look at its long history of mission and ministry over a nine-week period rather than just one Sunday has brought joy to the congregation and visitors. It has made it possible for the Michigan Conference Bishop, past and present District Superintendents, and former pastors and members/attendees/guests to join the congregation in worship and memories.

CUMC traces its history from 1832 from being a part of the Methodist Circuit Riders to being the Methodist Church Society in 1838, the Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Methodist Church.  In 1968, the denomination merged with the Evangelical United Brethren to become part of  the global  United Methodist Church.  In all of these years, the Gospel message has been preached and shared within and without the church the church doors.  As the O’Keefe Street church sign proclaims during these celebration months: Great Is Thy (God’s) Faithfulness.

CUMC warmly welcomes past, present, and future members and guests to its weekly 10 a.m. worship services as it fulfills its mission statement “Worship God, Follow Jesus, Serve Others.”

185th Anniversary Celebration Photos